Top Tips to Get Your Fence Winter Ready

While we don’t usually get freezing temps, ice and snow here in San Antonio, it’s still a good idea to get your wooden fence ready for the cooler temps of winter. Fall is a good time to do that, as changing weather conditions can do a number on your wood fence if you fail to […]

Preparing Your Deck For Fall

The deck industry is a booming one – one that’s worth about 740 million dollars in the United States. If you have a deck, you know how much installation costs, not to mention the cost of regular upkeep and care. But even so, savvy homeowners know that despite the cost and time associated with maintenance, […]

What Comes First, the Pool or the Fence?

Swimming pool weather is the best weather. On those days when the sun is scorching hot – pretty much every day in summer for us here in San Antonio — the heat can be brutal. There’s nothing like a dip in a cool pool to make you feel refreshed. But while a pool brings many […]

Ways to Add Privacy With a Chain Link Fence

Many people choose chain link fences to enclose their outdoor spaces. They’re durable and affordable, yet they do have a lack of privacy. This lack of privacy is desirable to some because they offer an open sight line to the street for security purposes. However, others would like to retain the strength of a chain […]

3 Unique Ways to Use Your Pergola

Whether you have a pergola already or you want to install a new one in your yard, there are many ways you can use this beautiful addition to your property. A pergola is an outdoor structure comprised of columns supporting a roofing grid of rafters and beams, says the Spruce. You can leave the top […]


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