While we don’t usually get freezing temps, ice and snow here in San Antonio, it’s still a good idea to get your wooden fence ready for the cooler temps of winter. Fall is a good time to do that, as changing weather conditions can do a number on your wood fence if you fail to take the proper precautions.

5 Tips to Consider

Here are some tips on how to prepare your wood fence for the cooler months.

  1. Bolster weak spots: Walk along your fence and take note of any weak spots, such as damaged or missing pickets, protruding nails, and decaying posts. Repairing these areas now will ensure your fence can face inclement weather without falling further into disrepair. In fact, periodically inspecting your fence for signs of damage is a great idea all year long.
  1. Waterproof the fence: If your fence is not already waterproofed, or it’s been quite a few years since you’ve done it, this is a good time to get that done. This will prevent rain and moisture from soaking into your wood fence. Waterproofing involves applying a waterproof sealer, stain or paint a couple of times a year for climates with a lot of rain fall.
  2. Remove leaves and debris: Rake leaves away from the fence and clear any other debris that may be leaning up against it such as twigs, overgrown grass and more. Leaving this debris against the bottom of your fence can lead to wood rot and insect infestation. This can compromise the structural integrity of your wood fence over time – especially if termites make their home there.
  3. Remove mold: Excess moisture allows mold to grow on the surface of your fence. Once that starts, the mold can then invade deep into the wood itself, leading to rot. Apply a mixture of white vinegar and water to clean any mold you may see off the fence. This acidic mixture can destroy mold on contact. It will also work on moss and algae.
  4. Remove low-hanging branches: Snip low-hanging branches that may be overhanging the fence. Strong winds and rain can make them come loose and fall onto the fence, damaging or destroying it.

It’s important to prepare your wood fence for the upcoming season. But actually, proper care and maintenance are a must all throughout the year. Wooden fences can fall victim to more environmental damage than, say, vinyl fences. Taking the time now to ensure your wood fence is in good shape will ensure a longer life span so you don’t have to face premature replacement.

Protecting your investments is critical as a homeowner!

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