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If you have a deck attached to your San Antonio home, you may wonder if a roof would add to the enjoyment and comfort of your backyard. More and more homeowners are choosing to add a roof or pergola over their decks, and for good reason. For one thing, it provides shade and for another, it protects you from the rain and other elements.

Decks give homeowners some of the highest ROIs when it comes to home improvements. Wood decks give you a 65% ROI, while composite decks give you a 63% ROI, according to Remodeling magazine. Decks are desirable because they add usable square footage of living space to your property.

It makes sense, then, that you would want to add to that benefit by placing a roof over your deck for increased enjoyment. You don’t have to construct a traditional roof, although that’s certainly an option. You could add a pergola with retractable awning and side curtains, for example.

Here’s why it’s a good idea to add a roof over your deck.

Benefits of Deck Roofs

Check out the many benefits to putting a roof over your deck.


  • Provide shade, keeping your family cool in hot weather
  • Provide protection from the elements, keeping your family dry during wet weather
  • Add to the aesthetic appeal of your property
  • Keep bugs away when combined with screened sides
  • Boost property value and curb appeal
  • Increase the square footage of your home, especially when adding a three-season living room.

So when’s the best time to build a roof over your deck? Well, ideally you will want to build the roof at the same time you’re adding the deck. Sometimes this isn’t possible, like when you move into a new home that already has a deck, or when you don’t have the money to construct both at one time.

But it’s possible to install a roof after the fact by adding the proper supports.

Deck Roof Types

The type of roof you want will depend on what kind of deck you have, the space you have, how large the deck is and your personal style. The three types of deck roofs include:

  1. Shed Roof: This is a single, sloping surface beginning at the exterior house wall and ending at the support posts. It’s better for long, narrow decks rather than deep decks due to the slope involved.
  2. Gable Roof: This is the most common type of deck roof, forming a triangular shape to project along a ridge right down the middle of the deck. Gable roofs overhang the enclosed space, allowing for adequate rain drainage. Gable roofs work well with all types of architectural styles.
  3. Hip Roof: This type slopes downward gently, requiring a more complicated support system. Thanks to its solid, compact appearance, this roof type is very aesthetically pleasing.

Safety Concerns

Safety is the #1 priority when adding a roof over a deck. This is why you should hire a contractor skilled in these types of projects. Improper planning can lead to an unsafe situation. You have to remember that a regular deck is only designed to support a specific amount of weight per square foot; a deck roof adds significantly more weight to this formula and will require additional support in the form of footings.

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