A fence adds a lot of value to your property because it adds privacy, security, and aesthetics. This is why your fence should be precisely constructed by a professional so it lasts its expected lifetime. There are many things to consider when installing a fence, and when hiring a fence contractor in San Antonio.

By knowing these most common mistakes people make during the process, you can avoid them yourself.

1.  Poor Material Choice

One of the most common mistakes is going with a fence contractor that quotes you the cheapest prices. The saying “you get what you pay for” is certainly true here. Usually, the lowest prices mean the lowest quality materials. Basing your decision off affordability alone can lead to big problems down the line, often taking the form of more costly maintenance and premature replacement.

The quality of stain and paint you choose to coat your fence with is also important. For instance, the stain you choose should be fade-resistant so you don’t have to stain it again in a year.

2.  Failing to Check References

Virtually anyone can throw a website together and say they’re an experienced fence contractor. This is why you really have to do some research on the company you hire. Make sure they have the experience they say they do. Read reviews, get references, and check out their past projects.

3.  Failing to Check For Insurance and Licensing

Accidents and mistakes happen on the job. The key is to be prepared for them. You don’t want to risk your property or your safety by failing to check if the San Antonio fence contractor has the proper insurance. While you’re at it, ask if they are licensed too. Licensed contractors are serious about their businesses, and are more likely to have a solid reputation in the community and in the eyes of the law.

If the contractors you call can’t or won’t provide proof of insurance or licensing, move onto the next name.

4.  Relying Solely on Photos

Many people choose a fence contractor by looking at the photo gallery they have on their website. While this gives you a good idea of their capabilities, it shouldn’t be relied on as the sole way you gauge their craftsmanship. Yes, a portfolio is important, but you should also follow up on that by meeting with the contractor to decide on the best style for your home and budget. Perhaps they can show you some of their previous work in person so you can see it up close and personal.

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