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Many people choose chain link fences to enclose their outdoor spaces. They’re durable and affordable, yet they do have a lack of privacy. This lack of privacy is desirable to some because they offer an open sight line to the street for security purposes. However, others would like to retain the strength of a chain link fence but add some privacy as well.

Fortunately, you have options when adding privacy with a chain link fence. Here are some great options to consider.

Chain Link Fence Slats

Chain link fences offer the perfect medium for inserting long, narrow pieces vertically, allowing you to dress up the whole fence or even just a portion of it. The individual slats can slide in at the top, secured in place without the need for a permanent attachment. Slats can be comprised of either high-density polyethylene or aluminum.

Chain link slats are very durable, and have been known to last for decades. Best part is, you can switch out damaged slats as needed, without having to replace all of them.

Full Bamboo Screens

Rolled bamboo fencing will range in thickness — from ¾ inches to two inches. You can install bamboo pole screens on your fence simply by securing them to the poles and rails with heavy duty wire.

Bamboo is an attractive, natural looking option, lending your yard a tropical look and feel. While bamboo is durable, it will develop vertical cracks and turn brown or silver if you don’t treat it properly. Just like with any organic material that is left outside, bamboo will deteriorate slowly, which is why you need to maintain these screens regularly, says the Spruce.

Reed Screens

Thin bamboo reeds, no thicker than a drinking straw, can be woven together into long mats measuring between eight and 16 feet long. Installed vertically, reed screens give you an 85 percent privacy level. Over time, though, the screen can fall apart, which reduces the privacy level.

After about a year or two, the reeds change from a golden-brown to a gray color and begin falling out of the wire weaving material.

Mesh Wind Screen/Privacy Screen

If you look quickly, you may think a mesh wind screen looks similar to a tarp. However, you wouldn’t want a tarp as a fence because it catches the wind and acts like a sail. A mesh privacy screen is specifically made for fences and has tiny holes that let the wind through.

These screens are water- and wind-permeable, and have double-thick trim along the edges. Privacy level is between 80 and 96 percent, depending on quality. This durable, UV-rated polypropylene has a woven construction but its dark color will likely fade over time due to sun exposure.

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