What to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Fence

If your business requires a commercial fence, you may be wondering how to choose the best option. A commercial fence needs to be aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly it should be safe and secure to protect your inventory, trucks, customers and employees. Check out these tips to help you choose the right commercial fence for […]

Check Out These Fence Etiquette Tips

If you’ve been thinking about putting up a fence around your home, there are other considerations to think about beyond what material you want to use or how you will fit it into your budget. You also have to think about any possible issues that may come up with your neighbors. There are actually fence […]

Common DIY Fencing Mistakes

Many people think they’ll save money by installing their own fence. But often times, this leads to expensive mistakes that can end up costing you more than if you were to just hire a fence installation contractor in the first place. Here are some pitfalls to avoid. 1.    Not Knowing Legal Restrictions Failure to be […]

How Do Pergolas and Patio Covers Add Value to Your Converse Home?

If you’re looking to spruce up your Converse home with pergolas and patio covers, you may wonder if they add any value to your property. Well, they certainly do. That’s because they increase the aesthetics of your home and its functionality and comfort, while enhancing the usable space of your property. The Benefits of Pergolas […]

What to Consider When Installing a Sound Barrier Fence

Maybe you live in a quiet residential neighborhood that abuts a busy highway, or maybe you installed a noisy HVAC system that makes a ton of noise when it kicks on. Perhaps your neighbor has taken up drums and the music is keeping you up at all hours. Or perhaps you live right in the […]

Keeping Your Wooden Fence Looking New: 5 Tips

From pine to cedar, there are many types and grades of wood fences, yet all of them need some type of ongoing maintenance to ensure they don’t degrade, rot or become infested with pests. You may be wondering how you can keep your wood fence looking like new. We have the answers! Check out these […]

5 Reasons You Need a Temporary Fence

Sometimes you have a need for a fence but due to the scope of your project, you don’t need it to be permanent. In the case of construction sites and pool installations, for example, security fences that are temporary in nature are helpful because they serve an immediate need but can be taken down afterwards. […]

Enhancing Your Deck With Pergolas and Patio Covers

A deck is a wonderful addition to any home, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors as you barbecue, sip a drink or watch the kids play in the yard. But if you don’t have some sort of shade to protect yourself and others from the onslaught of the sun, it can make for an unpleasant […]

Keep Your Family Safe With a Pool Fence

A beautiful residential fence is a great way to add value to your home and property. But a new fence does more than look good – it boosts the safety of your family and guests. If you have a pool or are considering installing one, it’s imperative that a fencing system is a part of […]

5 Advantages of Commercial Fencing

If you own a business, such as a store, warehouse, or office, you may be in need of fencing to complement your property. Commercial fencing can meet your needs, whether your primary focus is on security, aesthetics, function or a combination of all three. Here are some top advantages of installing commercial fencing on your […]


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