Sometimes you have a need for a fence but due to the scope of your project, you don’t need it to be permanent. In the case of construction sites and pool installations, for example, security fences that are temporary in nature are helpful because they serve an immediate need but can be taken down afterwards.

Temporary fences are most common at construction sites. Here are five top reasons why you would need one.

1.    To Prevent Unauthorized Entry

Many construction sites are positioned in busy cities, on crowded side streets, near schools or in neighborhoods. This means that may attract unwanted visitors, from thieves to curious children. You don’t want anyone to steal something from your site or get hurt on your property, or you could be held liable. Constructing a temporary fence around the site will keep people out.

2.    To Protect Workers and Visitors

Due to the busy nature of your site, you can’t be assured of everyone’s safety at all times, especially visitors who don’t know the safety protocols. Because some areas are more hazardous than others, fences are an ideal way to divide your project into various sections by level of risk.

3.    To Adhere to Government Regulations

Your local government likely has its own construction authority that expects certain regulations and guidelines to be met by contractors like yourself. But most states have uniform guidelines that all construction sites must follow. Be aware of what those are. They most likely include the need for a security fence to be put up prior to any construction work being done.

If you fail to comply, you could be hit with a fine or even legal action.

4.    To Protect Your Site and All Materials

Open areas are beacons to criminals who may want to steal expensive materials, or vagrants who find it funny to destroy personal property. Keep those with bad intentions away from your site with a temporary fence.

5.    To Control Movement of Debris and Materials

You should take all precautions to control unintended movement of anything from rock and soil to debris and construction tools. For example, you could install a sediment control fabric as a temporary fence. This will serve two purposes: it will prevent dust from the site from landing on passersby, and it will prevent erosion of topsoil.

Qualities of a Temporary Fence

Your temporary security fence should:

  • Be high enough to discourage criminals who would otherwise jump over it. It should also be difficult to climb, with no footholds. This will also serve to keep curious children away.
  • Be strong enough so that it can’t be removed or pulled over.
  • Have limited entry points in an effort to control entry into and exit out of your site.

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