A deck is a wonderful addition to any home, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors as you barbecue, sip a drink or watch the kids play in the yard. But if you don’t have some sort of shade to protect yourself and others from the onslaught of the sun, it can make for an unpleasant experience during peak sun times.

Let’s go over the benefits of both pergolas and patio covers to enhance the functionality, comfort and look of your deck.

Why Pergolas?

You have two choices with pergolas: a classic full coverage pergola and a partial pergola. Both have thin wood slats that allow the sun to filter through but also provide enough shade to keep those UV rays from beating down on you relentlessly. A full pergola is built or placed over your entire patio, while a partial pergola takes up only a portion of your patio area. You can attach one side to the back of your home, or it could be a freestanding model.

Either way, you can’t go wrong installing a custom pergola. They offer these benefits and more:


  • Define your space and add character to your backyard.
  • Are versatile, as you can create anything from an entertainment lounge to a dining area.
  • Offer privacy, as you can add drapes, screens or latticework on one side.
  • Create an extra space for your plants, such as grape vines, wisteria and honeysuckle, which you can hang from the boards.
  • Provide shade and protection from the elements.
  • Add value to your property.
  • Add beauty and visual interest to your landscaping.
  • Can be combined with other structures such as gazebos and verandas.

Why Patio Covers?

If you still want protection and shade yet a pergola isn’t for you, try a patio cover. This is essentially a backyard shade structure attached to your home, featuring two posts or column supports. You can have either an open patio cover or a solid patio cover: it all depends on how much protection and shade you want.

You could have it installed off the back of your home under your back sliding door, acting as an extension of your living space. Or it could be a freestanding model.

If you’re unsure about whether you should go with an open or solid patio cover, think about your lifestyle and your personal preferences. If you want to get some sun, but also shade sometimes, go for an open or lattice roof so the light still filters through. If you want to block all sun and rain, go with a solid roof.

There are many factors to consider when deciding between a pergola or a patio cover. Consult with our team and let us help you!

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