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If you’ve been thinking about putting up a fence around your home, there are other considerations to think about beyond what material you want to use or how you will fit it into your budget. You also have to think about any possible issues that may come up with your neighbors. There are actually fence etiquette tips out there that you should think about first.

1.    Know Your Property Lines

If your fence will have backer rails (they run horizontally from post to post), it’s best to face the flat side toward your neighbor. Not only is this the polite thing to do, it’s also the industry standard. Otherwise, your fence would look backward.

If you want the fence to look good on the inside for you, too, consider installing a neighbor-friendly fence (AKA good neighbor fence) that looks the same on both sides so both parties get an equal view. A good example of this would be a shadow box fence, which gives you some element of privacy while allowing air and light in.

2.    Confirm Property Lines

Before beginning your fence project, confirm your property lines. Check with town hall or hire a surveyor if you don’t know. This will prevent misunderstandings and potential boundary disputes that can result in legal action. As a general rule, you should install your fence six inches or more inside your property line.

3.    Talk to Your Neighbors

It’s not a requirement, but you should discuss plans with neighbors who abut your property prior to starting the project. Your neighbor will be happy that you shared the news with them and included them in the discussion, and you may even save some money on the deal. If it’s a boundary fence, your neighbor may decide to split the cost with you so they can take advantage of the fence too.

4.    Check HOA Rules

You don’t want to break any HOA rules, so always check the HOA to determine if they have any fencing requirements. There may be rules about which material or color you can use, how high it can be, or even if you can have one at all. Doing this now will save you a lot of time, money and aggravation later.

5.    Maintain Your Fence

Proper fence etiquette continues long after the fence has been installed. Keep up with the appearance and care of your fence so it looks good and lasts a long time. A fence that’s always dirty or in a state of disrepair doesn’t just reflect badly on you – your neighbors have to suffer as well. Plus, an ugly fence brings down home values for the whole neighborhood.

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