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If you’ve recently added a deck onto your home, you know how enjoyable it can be. From reading and relaxing to entertaining and eating, a deck adds beauty, convenience, comfort and style to any home, augmenting your outdoor space and adding value to your property.

But maybe up till now, you’ve only been able to enjoy your deck during the day time because you don’t have the proper lighting out there for night. But the fun doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down, IF you install the proper lighting.

Here’s why you should invest in patio and deck lighting for your home and backyard.

Added Safety and Security

When you add illumination to your deck at night, you’re increasing everyone’s safety and security. Proper illumination is necessary to navigate your deck and stairs, as well as serve food or just simply move around. This reduces the chance of injuries and falls. In addition, proper lighting will keep would-be burglars at bay. There’s nothing a thief loves more than a dark property that provides cover.


When you add outdoor deck lighting, you are improving the overall appearance of your home while adding to the backyard’s ambiance. Lighting is the perfect way to set the mood, from a romantic dinner with your significant other to a festive party spot.


Your deck is the ideal spot for entertaining guests. Extend your barbecues till after nightfall with different colored lights to set the right tone, adding dimension and fun to any event.


Just when you’re starting to enjoy your drink and dinner, or have really gotten into that new book, the sun sets. Why move everything indoors when you’d be perfectly comfortable staying outside? Add enough lighting and you can stay where you are, kicking back in style. In fact, this is even more important in autumn when the days get shorter and the sun sets far earlier than you’re ready to retire.

Whether you’re looking to throw a late-night barbecue, a simple backyard wedding, a birthday party, or even just roast marshmallows in the firepit, deck lighting provides the perfect solution. With the flick of a switch, you go from lights out/party’s over to hey, the night is young and we have many more hours of fun!

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