Alamo Decks & Fence are deck experts and know all of the best spring cleaning tips for decks to ensure that your decks is in good shape.

Spring has arrived and with it comes – you guessed it – the dreaded task of spring cleaning. You may associate spring cleaning with the inside of your home, but the truth is, your exteriors could use a deep clean too. Take a look at your deck. Is it looking stained, dirty and dingy? It needs a good cleaning!

A clean deck does wonders for your curb appeal, not to mention your property value. Plus, your neighbors will appreciate it, and you will enjoy a cleaner experience when hanging out.

We thought now would be the perfect time to give you some spring cleaning tips to keep your deck looking beautiful this season:

  • Remove furniture: Clear the deck of all patio furniture, grills and toys. There’s no way you can properly clean the deck with all that stuff in the way. Start with a clean slate, and you will be able to work more quickly and effectively.
  • Sweep off your deck: Get the loose debris off first with a broom, such as leaves, twigs, and dirt. Don’t rush into the soap and water yet, as this will just push around the loose debris.
  • Clean the deck: Use a garden hose to remove light to moderate dirt accumulations. If you’re looking to strip off the existing stain or paint because you plan to repaint or restain after, use a high pressure nozzle, says Bob Vila. If you don’t want to go the pressure washing route, don some goggles and gloves, then apply a deck cleaner, following manufacturer instructions. Scrub the surface with a brush, let it sit so it can break up the organic matter, then rinse with clean water.
  • Restain the deck – Giving your deck a new coating of stain every few years will preserve its finish and extend the life of your deck. You may want to use transparent stains to reveal the natural color of your deck, or you may want to go with solid stains to protect against UV rays.
  • Clean your deck furniture: Before you place everything back onto the clean deck, give all your furniture a good cleaning. Rinse and wipe down it down with mild soap and water. Clean cushions and let dry. If your cushions have seen better days, invest in some new ones. Give the inside of your grill a good cleaning, too, to get rid of the buildup inside.

We hope these tips have been helpful as you approach spring with a fresh mind and like-new deck! Treat your San Antonio deck right, and it will pay you back in spades.

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