After many long summers struggling to control your deck envy, you’ve finally decided it’s about time to invest in the deck of your dreams. This is a great idea, as a deck is the perfect way to boost your livable space, and extend your ability to enjoy your home.

Whether you envision throwing backyard bashes or simply welcoming the day with some coffee and a muffin under your backyard trees, a deck is a wonderful addition that comes with many benefits. But understandably the one thing that’s holding you back may be coming up with a price tag and making sure this home improvement project fits within your budget.

Do Some Brainstorming

This is where you can have a little fun. Flip through magazines, search online, talk to neighbors, check out home improvement shows, and start to compile some ideas that would work for your home. You’ll want to think about how big you want the deck, what shape it should be, and what usage it will get (grilling, entertaining vs. relaxing). This will all depend on how much you like to entertain, how big your family is, and what type of home you have.

Do you want the deck to lead out to your pool, a garden, or something else? Perhaps you just want a deck with stairs leading to the backyard. Whatever the case, get it all in writing, maybe sketch up some ideas. Explore all your options, research deck builders and gather some quotes.

Materials and Features

Keep in mind there are factors other than size that will affect the final price tag. The materials you use as well as any special features you incorporate will also determine cost.

You have many options at your disposal, such as composite, vinyl, woods such as redwood and cedar, and even aluminum. They all range widely in cost, so get a break down from your deck builder.

The kind of features as well as how many you incorporate will affect cost. Some features are a must, such as railings and steps. Others are optional, like built-in benches or privacy walls, or even intricate diagonal patterns. You will pay extra for all these.

Consider how high your new deck will be and what shape you want it. Do you want covered deck options, such as a pergola portion?


The cost of the deck itself is just one consideration. You may need to think about other factors, depending on your landscape, such as the need to remove an old existing deck or the need for grading. You’ll have to think about how many concrete support footings are needed, and how deep they will have to be placed. Consider soil conditions and code requirements as well, which will help you determine total labor and construction costs and to make sure the new deck will ultimately pass any inspections.

Return on Investment

The latest cost versus value reports say homeowners can recoup 80 percent of the cost of a deck. Of course, things like material and overall design will affect the value your deck actually commands.

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