Best wood for your home fence in Texas

On the hunt for a new residential fence? Not sure which one would be best for your property? It’s important to choose the right style of fence so it matches with the overall style of your home. Whether you go with chain link, wood or vinyl, there are some factors to consider before making a decision.

The last thing you want is your new fence to clash with your home and garden. To ensure the best design, check out these tips to match a fence to your house.


Despite your fence’s appearance, it needs to serve a functional purpose first and foremost. Keep in mind that different kinds of fences serve varying needs. Perhaps you want to ensure your backyard is pet- and child-friendly? Or maybe you live on a busy road or close to nosy neighbors, and want a lot of privacy. Or maybe you’re worried about intruders and are placing security high on your priority list. Whatever the case may be, the right fence will have to meet all your criteria before you even consider appearance.


To best meet your fence goals, think about what materials would work best. The most popular are wood, vinyl, composite, steel, aluminum, iron and chain link. Some, such as metal, will provide the most durability paired with the lowest maintenance requirements; however, they will cost you more out of pocket. On the other hand, wood and vinyl cost a bit less but can give your yard the most flexibility and privacy.


Different fencing materials can add texture to your surrounding landscape. Consider your home’s architecture to gain inspiration. Does your home have a sleek, modern appearance? You may want a smoother option such as aluminum or vinyl. If you have a more traditional home, wood would be a better choice.


Fences come in many types and styles, including paddock, split rail, security, privacy, and picket, but even within all those categories, there are many variations. For instance, picket fences may have scalloped, arched or straight tops between each post, with the pickets themselves available in different designs. The complexity or simplicity of your fence will depend greatly on your home’s style.


Finally, you have to consider color. Many homeowners go with classic wood fencing, which is long-lasting and affordable but takes a lot of maintenance. Whether you choose a natural stain for a rustic look or decide to paint it a neutral color such as white or gray, you have to re-stain and re-paint every few years so it stays looking new. Stick with neutral colors to best complement colorful flowers and architecture, or consider painting it a vibrant color to add interest to an otherwise low-key home.

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