Alamo Decks & Fence offers exceptional fence decorating ideas on how to spruce up your fence and your yard in San Antonio.

There are many reasons why you have fencing in your yard. Whether for privacy, decoration, security, or child and pet containment, your residential fence serves many purposes. But while functional, your fence can also be beautiful when you spruce it up with decorations.

Paint, plants, and accessories go a long way in breathing new life into your perimeter fence. Here’s how to decorate your fence and boost your curb appeal.

Plant Flowering Vines

Adding visual interest to the façade of your fence is easy when you plant flowering vines.  It’s best to choose annual, non-woody types of vines, but be sure to remove them when the growing season is over. To promote vertical growth, incorporate trellises along the fence. This adds yet another element of beauty to your yard that is sure to spark conversation.

Hang String Lights

Who says you have to go inside when darkness falls? As long as it’s mild out, you can keep the party going when you have the proper lighting to illuminate the area. That’s best achieved with outdoor string lights that you can hang across a portion of your fence. Not only does this provide extra light for guests, it also adds a touch of beauty and charm.

Create a Container Garden

Hanging planters can spruce up your outdoor fence as well. Hanging planters from the local nursery will work wonders, adding a pop of color and greenery to your perimeter. You can also choose your own buckets or containers and fill them with herbs, flowers or plants. Flowering annuals give your home a splash of seasonal color. You may even want to try hanging window boxes over your fence. Use wall planter hooks as an alternative, which you can drill into your wooden fence.

Attach Decorative Items

Attaching elements of artistic expression, such as metal sculptures of animals and flowers, can bring a sense of style to your yard. Hang a vintage watering can from your picket fence filled with seasonal flowers, or attach a few metal butterflies to the exterior. Whichever piece of art you choose, make sure it matches your home’s style, whether that’s cottage, traditional or modern.

Paint a Mural

Ready to customize your fence? There’s no better way to achieve this than painting a mural right on the side. You can paint it directly on the wood or use a pallet as a canvas for hand-drawn butterflies, dragonflies, bumblebees or flowers.

Add Some Trim

If your wood fence has been looking drab lately, give it an upscale update with some crisp trim. You can add horizontal pieces, use curves or incorporate shapes.

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