As a San Antonio home owner, you may be thinking about adding a fence to your property for extra charm, beauty, privacy and security. Before you settle on the right type of fence for your needs, consider these important factors.

1.    Type

Why do you need a fence? If it’s mainly for functionality — say, to keep your dogs contained in the yard — a chain link fence is fine. But if you’re going for curb appeal, privacy or aesthetics, a  taller cedar fence with solid panels is a better choice. Start with your primary motivation for adding a fence and then work outward from there.

2.    Material

A home with a wooden white picket fence is the dream of many people. But while this type of fence may look pretty with your adorable little ranch or Colonial, think about the time commitment that comes with maintaining a wooden fence. You will have to seal, stain or paint it every few years so it doesn’t peel or rot. If you insist on the natural beauty of a wooden picket fence, wonderful. Just be prepared to do some work to keep it looking that way. If you don’t have the time or patience, perhaps a vinyl option would be better suited to your needs.

3.    Research the Neighborhood

Before installing a fence, it’s wise to check with your homeowners or neighborhood associations first, many of which have contracts with rules that dictate the height, look, and material of any fence installed in the neighborhood.

4.    Check With Town Hall

In the same vein, your city or town may have rules in place in terms of how far a fence has to be set back from the property lines or sidewalks. Check if you need a building permit, while you’re at it. For example, in San Antonio, a fence permit is required when putting in a new fence. In addition, fence repairs equal to 25 percent or less of the length of the existing fence do not require a permit, while anything more than that does.

Keep in mind, there could be other requirements if your home is located in a flood plain area, conservation district or historic district.

5.    Entrance Points

Any fenced-in area should have at least two entrance points: one that’s large enough to fit bulky equipment such as garbage barrels, patio furniture and lawn mowers, and one that is smaller to allow for people to walk in through a latching door. To indicate these entrance points, use stepping stones, pergolas and decorative stone pathways.

6.    Accents

To add more detail and beauty to your fence, you may want to consider adding decorative posts, finials, flower beds, archways, gardens and shrubbery.

7.    Cost

Putting in a new fence can be pricey, especially if you have a big yard. If you have your heart set on cedar but don’t have money in the budget to line your entire perimeter in this material, you could use cedar for the front and sides, and chain link for the back yard that abuts shrubbery or the woods.

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