Looking for outdoor living trends? Alamo Decks & Fence knows all about the latest trends.

Our homes are a direct reflection of our health, well-being, comfort and even mood. Designing your outdoor spaces to accommodate for those things, from your decks to your fences, will increase your enjoyment of your yard and ensure greater capacity for entertaining.

As peak backyard entertaining season nears, it’s time to start planning your outdoor living space. Here are some trends to keep in mind.

1.  Bringing Indoor Comfort Out

Houzz recommends that you blur the line between indoor and outdoor living. The best way to do this is with an outdoor kitchen. You can add an outdoor kitchen to your patio or you can add it to your deck. If you add it to a deck, or create a deck with the express purpose of accommodating a kitchen with seating, you’ll have to make sure it can accommodate the extra weight.

Consider composite decking boards that are not only strong and durable, but also resistant to warping, sagging, rotting and insect damage. Best part is, composite decking can easily be cleaned off with soap and water after a meal.

2.  Using Sustainable Products

Predictions from Zillow, Houzz and the NKBA report that cozy spaces and natural colors are in this year, as well as a focus on sustainable building practices. Homeowners are trying out new materials in their outdoor living space designs, mixing and matching materials for an eco-conscious and unique feel.

Composite materials are sustainable, durable and beautiful options when it comes to outdoor living space upgrades. Bamboo/PVC blends are also a popular choice because they blend well with natural materials such as fencing and decking. The result is a cohesive design that resists scratching, UV damage and moisture rot.

Bamboo composite boards are an eco-friendly, green and sustainable resource that’s very versatile because it can be used in decking, cladding or fencing.

3.  Incorporating Pet-Friendly Materials

If you want Fido to feel more at home, you can incorporate pet-friendly materials in your outdoor living spaces. When it comes to fencing to keep your dog safely in the yard, steel and aluminum are durable, eco-conscious materials. They’re great for dogs because they feature open sightlines without compromising strength.

They also have rackable designs that smoothly follow the contours of rough or unstable terrains, with fewer gaps between the ground and fence where dogs can sneak out. You can also use composite decking to resist scratches from claws.

In the end, your outdoor space is a reflection of you as the homeowner. The spaces you choose should increase your comfort and level of enjoyment when outside.

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